Ericsson RBS-6102



7.50″ x 45.75″ x .30″


Aluminum frame and Uni-grid support on both sides with expanded aluminum mesh media.  Filter complete with support strap riveted to frame and part number and rev level metal stamped into frame.

This metal mesh filter was designed to help a major wireless telecom provider address ongoing maintenance issues.  The electronics inside the cabinet require forced air cooling for wattage dissipation and to keep the system operating at ideal conditions.  The original system design did not include proper air filtration, so the fans and cabinet were exposed to harsh contaminants, causing it to fill with dirt and debris.  Eventually, equipment would overheat and trigger alarms for emergency maintenance.  The result was increased operating expense because of service calls to remote locations, fan replacements, and technicians spending additional hours cleaning internal system components..

The solution was a metal mesh filter designed for exact fit within the front air intake louver to eliminate air bypass and provide total system filtration.  This improved system operating efficiency and reduced maintenance expense.  The sturdy frame and durable, cleanable metal mesh media is perfect for outdoor environments.


UAF’s Metal Mesh Air Filter can be configured to fit any enclosure and promote clean, cooling air flow through the system.  UAF will work with operations and maintenance personnel to find the best solution and provide a free sample for fit check and performance evaluation.


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