Salt Fog

UAF High Efficiency outdoor enclosure filters, WR and OSP filters, have been tested in a GR-487 rated enclosure subjected to GR-487 30 Day Salt Fog test per the ASTM B117 test standard.

 Wind Driven Rain

UAF WR (Weather Resistant) Filter solution is designed to provide superior water and airborne contaminant protection in compliance with stringent industry standards including GR 487, NEMA, IP, MIL-STD-810E enclosure standards that is RoHS compliant and UL900 rated.


UAF air filter media meets the stringent UL 94 HF-1 flame safety rating while being flexible enough for a wide range of medical, military, power generation, and computer networking applications.


Industrial air filters from Universal Air Filter® get tough when necessary. For indoor and outdoor applications requiring a more rugged design, the filters can be used in small or large applications calling for a wide array of media options for increased airflow and dust holding.


Universal Air Filter products, including metal components, are treated with special, protective finishes that meet RoHS, REACH and other critical certifications and standards.

Equipment Downtime

UAF works closely with network operators on filtration solutions that reduce downtime, lower repair costs, and extend equipment life through preventative maintenance.

EMI Shielding

Potentially disruptive EMI/RFI noise can be a problem with enclosures where forced air cooling is used in the equipment’s thermal management plan. Universal provides air filtration and EMI shielding in a single, low-cost assembly that is compact and removable.

Airborne Virus

Using multiple filters of varying pore sizes can help separate multiple organisms, reducing the spread of biological contaminants and increasing the effectiveness of medical-grade filtration systems.

Insects and Airborne Seeds

UAF’s windowpane products can incorporate mesh screens to keep out insects, airborne seeds (cottonseed), bird feathers and other particles. As thin as 1/10th of an inch and lightweight, open mesh screens allow maximum airflow without unwanted contaminants.