Hydrophobic Mesh Air Filters

Reduce water ingress and other airborne mist.

Hydrophobic Mesh air filters offer a water-repellant, low pressure drop media to reduce ingress of airborne mist and other liquids on indoor and outdoor enclosures deployed in harsh environments. It offers cost-effective alternative to expensive, more air flow restrictive membrane media.  This hydrophobic filter media is a durable, cleanable, moisture-resistant solution for any outdoor cabinets, process equipment applications requiring mist elimination, or other harsh environment installations.  The Hydrophobic Mesh will help meet various enclosure-level standards such as MIL-STD, NEMA and IP ratings.  The media can be installed in a one-piece, low profile, ultra-thin frame by itself or combined as part of a two-stage filter media solution in other frame assemblies for dust and water mist prevention.

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Hydrophobic Mesh air filters are configured as made-to-size aluminum-framed, permanent-type cleanable filters for fresh air intake or exhaust.  These air filters are specially designed for harsh environments to reduce water and dust ingress.  Hydrophobic Mesh media is ideal for outdoor or indoor enclosures in any industry, such as, telecom, datacom, power gen, LED signage, medical, laboratory, military/defense, and many other industrial applications.

Framed Filters +/- 0.06″ length & width, +/- 0.03″ thickness

Fiber:  PES+PTFE

Weave Pattern:  Plain

Yarn Type – Warp:  Monofilament

Yarn Type – Weft:  Monofilament

Threads – Warp (inch):  125

Threads – Weft (inch):  125

Weight (oz/yd2):  2.1

Air Permeability (CFM):  N/A

Opening (Micron):  125

Open Area (%):  38

Color:  Black

Initial Resistance Curve:  Attached

Media Color: Black

Media Material: Monofilament

Roll formed into a strong sturdy one-piece channel. The media is fit within several frame sizes using thick 3000 series aluminum.

Frame is tightly fitted to filter media and fastened with an aluminum rivet. The UL listing, model number and air flow direction are roll imprinted into the frame. Part number is metal stamped into frame for quick, accurate identification.

In addition to the standard roll formed frame design, more custom options with custom thickness are also available.

The Windowpane filter design allows for a customized, aluminum ”frame-n-pane” design that integrates the frame and a series of crossing, reinforcing intermediates that provide media support. Windowpane filters also come in a hem-bend design for overall thickness of .12″

Expanded on our specially designed Uni-Grid equipment, using .040″ thick, 3000 series aluminum. Uni-Grid expanded aluminum is approximately 85% open to maximize air flow. Quadrafoam™ and Quadrafoam II™ filters use Uni-Grid support on one or both sides.

FDA 21 CFR Part 177 NOTICE 2011/C 73/01 (EMA/410/01 rev.3)
REGULATION (EC) No. 10/2011 Directives 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EC (RoHS)
REGULATION (EC) No. 1935/2004 REGULATION (EC) No.528/2012 (PTFE)

Filtration Performance Data:

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