Polyester Air Filters | Universal Air Filter

High dust arrestance, low pressure drop, fire resistant disposable media

Polyester air filters offer high dust arrestance and low resistance when installed in electronicscomputertelecomdatacommedical and general purpose equipment – where disposable filters are most appropriate. Some models are specially designed for equipment with limited space.

Polyester filters are flame retardant and meet UL 94 HF-1 standards for electronics, NEBS compliant and motor vehicle applications. Available in framed filter assemblies or cut-to-size filter pads.

Polyester Air Filters | More Information

Polyester air filters are ideal for telecom, medical, power gen, and many other industrial and commercial products.  Polyester air filters perform with a high degree of dust arrestance when installed in electronics, computer and HVAC equipment where disposable filters are most appropriate. Polyester air filters have been specially designed for equipment where space is limited.

Expanded on our specially designed Uni-Grid equipment, using .040″ thick, 3000 series aluminum. Uni-Grid expanded aluminum is approximately 85% open to lower resistance. Polyester filters use Uni-Grid support on both sides.

Filtration Performance Data:


Polyester Models: PE-3, PE-5, PE-5X, PE-1025-B
Size Initial Resistance*
Average Synthetic
Dust Weight Arrestance(%)
UFM-50 0.10 (24,86) 80

*in inches water gauge

Tests performed according to ASHRAE Standard 52.1 -1992 at 300 feet per minute (1,53 m/s) face velocity.