PentaVent™ Filters

Protect your outdoor electronics from environmental hazards

PentaVent™ is UAF’s thinnest outdoor framed filter offering at .5″ thick, providing robust protection to outdoor cabinets and electronics enclosures with minimal encroachment into the cabinet’s space. This solution leverages our proprietary Quadrafoam™ media in combination with hydrophobic mesh to keep dust, rain, snow, insects, and debris out of your equipment.

PentaVent™ can help your cabinet meet an IP44 or NEMA 3R rating without the use of louvers or shields. The media used are specially processed to provide improved fire retardancy and fungus resistance, making it an excellent choice for high heat / high humidity environments. It has deep loading, high dust-holding capacity and low air resistance, and the filter is cleanable.

The Quadrafoam™ media in our PentaVent™ filter complies with the UL 94 HF-1 self-extinguishing flame safety standards for electronics in industrial and power gen applications. The entire filter assembly is classified per UL 900 to flammability.

Technical Specifications

PentaVent ™ is comprised of an open cell polyurethane foam combined with a monofilament, hydrophobic technical fabric in an aluminum roll channel frame with uni-grid support. Each filter uses a urethane gasket to provide a watertight seal.  PentaVent ™ provides protection against dust and water to meet stringent industry standards, IP44 and NEMA 3R.  It  can be custom designed to fit the unique enclosure characteristics and the environment of deployment by one of UAF’s protection specialists/engineers. 

Efficiency and IP Rating

91% Average Dust Arrestance (Est. MERV 7)