Metal Mesh Air Filters

Rugged outdoor and industrial filters

Metal Mesh air filters offer a semi-permanent, cleanable air filtration solution, suited for outdoor environments, with integrated EMI shielding capabilities.  Metal Mesh filters are ideal for use in harsh environments where rugged, washable and reusable filters are most appropriate.  Metal Mesh filters are available in all frame configurations, from roll-formed channels to ultra-thin stamped sheet metal.

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Each Metal Mesh air filter model performs with a high degree of dust arrestance when installed in industrial machinery, military and power generation equipment where permanent type, cleanable filters are required. ME-2X, ME-3, ME-5, ME-5X filters have been specially designed for equipment where space is limited. Order an air filter prototype for your application today.

Filtration Performance Data:

Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh Models: ME-2X, ME-3, ME-5, ME-1025-B, Windowpane
Initial Resistance*
Average Synthetic
Dust Weight Arrestance(%)
0.07 (17,41) 46

*in inches water gauge

Tests performed according to ASHRAE Standard 52.1 -1992 at 300 feet per minute (1,53 m/s) face velocity.