EV Charging

UAF is the market leader in custom filters that protect DC fast chargers for electric vehicles.

Custom solutions for the EV charging industry  

UAF specializes in custom products for EV applications:

EV chargers require protection from wind-driven rain, moisture, dust, and in some locations: salt fog. Protect your DC fast EV charging station with a filter that meets the needs of your equipment, and improve your charger uptime.

UAF can help you realize the full potential of what’s possible in protecting your equipment, at the price point you desire, with our Good / Better / Best suite of solutions:

Good: Hydrophobic Mesh line

  • Water-repellant, low pressure drop media that reduces ingress of airborne mist and other liquids
  • Durable, cleanable, moisture-resistant solution that can help meet enclosure-level standards such as MIL-STD, NEMA, and IP ratings
  • Installation options range from a one-piece, low profile, ultra-thin frame by itself, or it can be combined as part of a two-stage filter media solution that can add dust protection

Better: Weather Resistant (WR) Filter line

  • Limits ingress of dust, water, and salt fog into charging cabinet enclosures
  • Three-stage approach to different aspects of filtration required for outdoor environments using an open-cell polyurethane foam pre-filter with a treated hydrophobic mesh layer to capture coarse dust particles and most water, with a high efficiency primary filter to capture fine dust and airborne water droplets
  • WR filters can meet up to IP 55 ratings without the aid of mechanical protection like louvers, and passed a 30-day salt fog test using a 5% salt fog concentration per ASTM B-117 in accordance with GR-487-CORE, Issue 5.  The WR Filter provided an 85% reduction in corrosion cause by salt fog exposure.

Best: Outside Plant (OSP) line

  • Designed to operate in harsh outdoor environments, OSP filters virtually eliminate dust, water, wind-driven rain, and salt fog ingress
  • Utilize newly developed high efficiency media in pleat configurations that maximize airflow and efficiency at each pleat depth, have a cleanable foam pre-filter to extend the life of the OSP filter assembly, are urethane sealed to be watertight, and can have a neoprene gasket added to either side of the filter frame
  • Provide superior water and airborne contaminant protection in compliance with stringent industry enclosure standards including GR 487, NEMA, IP, MIL-STD-810E
  • Achieve the same efficiency of comparable filters with up to 30% lower initial resistance and better pleat integrity under extreme loading

We can partner with you to spec in a filter during your EV charger design cycle, or help you retrofit filters into your chargers already deployed in the field that may be experiencing reliability issues without the protection of a robust filter. Our filters help our customers maintain 98%+ uptime levels in their field equipment.

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