PyroCide Vent Panel

Fire-block meets stringent flame safety standards

Custom PyroCide Vent Panels are the ideal solution for electronics enclosure applications required to meet stringent flame safety standards. Custom PyroCide Vent Panels are aluminum honeycomb thermal barriers treated with a heat responsive intumescent flame coating for fire containment in electronics enclosures. Products are designed with thin profiles and configured with aluminum honeycomb to provide low resistance to airflow. Edge-to-edge venting requirements and intricate designs are met with precision metal fabricated aluminum frames and housings.

The PyroCide coating has an ASTM E-84 Class A rating with low flame spread and low smoke index values. A thin coating in the honeycomb cells reacts on exposure to flame or excessive heat and expands rapidly, filling the cells with foam that prevents flames from propagating through the Vent Panels.

Maximum air flow and air straightening are critical features for applications requiring thermal management. Products are custom designed to meet specific application needs and can be configured with spring clips and other attachment hardware to improve installation. PyroCide Vent Panels typically use 0.12” cell honeycomb in 0.12” and 0.25” thickness. Other components like slanted 30 or 45 degree honeycomb and mesh screens may also be specified.

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Custom PyroCide Vent panels are designed for electronics enclosure applications for many industries including:

  • Communications – Telecom & Datacom
  • Computer Networking
  • Medical Instruments
  • Military / Defense
  • Industrial Machinery

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Air Flow Performance Data:


Pyrocide Models: PHC-2X, Windowpane
Initial Resistance* (Pascals)
0.006 (1,49)

*inches water gauge

Tests performed at 300 feet per minute (1,53 m/s) face velocity.