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High performance shielding solutions

Custom EMI vent panels are the ideal solution for electronics enclosure applications with high frequencies and limited space. Products are configured with aluminum honeycomb and provide low resistance to airflow and thin profiles. Edge-to-edge venting requirements and intricate designs are met with precision metal fabricated aluminum frames and housings.

Custom EMI Vent Panels attenuate EMI noise with positive grounding to enclosures. Air straightening and air diffusion are a standard feature for applications requiring thermal management. Products are custom designed to meet specific application needs and are configured with EMI gaskets, spring clips and other attachment hardware to improve installation and contact. The aluminum components are usually treated with special RoHS compliant protective finishes to provide corrosion protection. EMI Vent Panels typically use 0.12” cell honeycomb in 0.12” and 0.25” thickness, but other components like slanted 45 or 30 degree honeycomb and mesh screens are also specified.

Design and Prototype Your Custom EMI Vent Panels 

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EMI Vent Panels are designed for electronics, telecom, datacom, and military equipment where EMI/RFI interference could result in equipment malfunction.  Order a prototype for your application today.

Filtration Performance Data:

EMI Vent Panel

EMI Models: HC-2X Initial Resistance* (Pascals)0.005 (1,24)

*inches water gauge.

Tests performed at 300 feet per minute (1,53 m/s) face velocity.