Solve Installation Removal-Challenges

You’re not alone…

There’s a lot of precision science and technology that goes into manufacturing a commercial grade air filter including thermal design, shielding, contamination and air flow control, fire safety and pinpoint compliance with domestic and international certification bodies. Unfortunately, that’s all irrelevant if the filter is installed, replaced or removed incorrectly.

Over the last 50+ years, we’ve seen our fair share filtration issues, most related to an end user not changing filters on a recommended interval. However, you’d be surprised how many times we see high energy costs, performance degradation and even outages caused by a filter that was simply not installed correctly.

We believe we make the highest-quality, most exacting filters on the market, hands down. Where we’ve gone a step beyond over the years is in ensuring that all of that precision manufacturing doesn’t go out the window due to improper filter installation and removal. Even seemingly minor variations in the mounting, fittings and seals can lead to issues such as particle buildup on sensitive circuits, reduction of heat dissipation, fans overheating and so on.

After over a half century in the field, visiting sites and working side-by-side with onsite technicians, we’ve identified the primary issues related to filter installation and removal. As a result of these findings, we’ve made uniquely innovative modifications to our filters to minimize the risks associated with mishandling. Here are just a few:

Fastening On UAF filters, you’ll see a variety of options that ensure the filter is mounted properly and is held firmly in place. Fastening features include through-holes, captive panel fasteners, captive nuts, adhesive tape, magnetic tape, and hook and loop tape.

Sealing Air bypass or water ingress is a concern in many applications. UAF carries a variety of gasket/tape profiles in open cell foam, closed cell foam, and EDPM rubber to prevent filter bypass. Tension springs can also be installed to ensure a snug fit between the filter and enclosure.

Removal Filters can be difficult to access and remove after installation. Aside from frustrating the technician, a difficult-to-remove filter can also compromise the integrity of the enclosure. To make it easier to remove and replace our filters, UAF provides a variety of tabs and handles for easy removal. These handles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials including rigid plastic, thin flexible plastic and sturdy metal.

Specialty Features For our customers that have unique needs and/or equipment architecture, UAF has a variety of other specialty options including hinges, locking mechanisms, brackets, and other unique offerings.

At UAF, we’re constantly innovating our flagship filtration solutions and working collaboratively with our partners to develop custom prototypes and products. That’s the foundation of our business, but these aren’t just products we simply engineer and ship out. We understand that they’re being stored, installed, replaced and removed out in the field and we’re constantly trying to improve the entire end to end process.

For more information on how to install, replace and remove your UAF filter, please contact us.