Protect Employees from Airborne Pathogens

The cases of COVID-19 continue to escalate. Essential businesses are scrambling to find ways to help protect their workforce in order for them to maintain productive efficiencies and keep them safe from possibly contracting the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus. Right now, the #1 concern for workers is health safety in the workplace. What else can be done to improve the CO environment, offices, and control centers?

In addition to the personal hygiene efforts of washing hands and keeping workspaces disinfected, face masks have been recommended. However, the shortage of N95 face masks, along with the need to protect frontline healthcare workers, makes effective masks nearly impossible to get. Fortunately, Filtration Group has developed a portable air purification system that not only captures the airborne pathogens, but destroys on contact. COVID-19, SARS, and Influenza A are all enveloped viruses. The virion outer layer is a lipid membrane in which the virus multiplies. Enveloped viruses relying on the protective lipid coating are the easiest types to deactivate. As part of the PuraShield air purification system, a four-stage filtration process eliminates target viruses, bacteria, and mold, using oxidation to destroy microorganisms.  The oxidation reaction inactivates the virus with inorganic chemicals common in nature.

PuraShield Filtration System

Utilizing PuraWard high efficiency fibers which have been approved by the FDA for their antibacterial and antiviral properties, the results are impressive. Tested against viruses such as H1N1, H7N9, and SARS, the filtration technology has provided reduction rates from 99.58% to 99.91%. The filtration system contains H13 grade HEPA filtration for harmful particulate matter with 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 micron. These filtration rates are well above the CDC recommended 95% for 0.3 micron. Even beyond the current need to protect against COVID-19, this compact, mobile system removes toxic and damaging gaseous pollutants, mold, and other allergens from the air. Not only will this improve the safety and health of employees, but help extend electronics reliability by having less gaseous contaminants and fine dust particulates in the equipment cooling airstream.

The PuraShield system has PuraWard high efficiency fibers which have been effective in hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, schools, and office buildings. As part of Filtration Group, Universal Air Filter is working with our product design partners to help provide this solution for telecommunications and cable service providers. The PuraShield system is sized to work in small office spaces, large switchrooms, and cable head-end facilities.

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Together, we will help combat the current pandemic as well as providing cleaner air in the future. We can help each other keep the world safer, healthier, and more productive.