AT&T Selects UAF as the Exclusive Supplier for Network Air Filters

Sauget, IL: Universal Air Filter is awarded a 3 year contract with AT&T as the exclusive supplier for over 350 networking equipment replacement air filters. For 35 years, UAF has worked with AT&T field engineers and technicians but the new contract elevates the relationship between the filter manufacturer and the largest fixed-telephone carrier in the US.

 “For the past 35 years, we’ve excelled at supporting our partners at AT&T whether they’ve been faced with a difficult network contamination challenge or were looking to simplify their equipment maintenance and improve reliability,” said UAF CEO Dan Krupp. “We’ve been a trusted resource for AT&T for many years and this agreement is a recognition of the strength of our partnership.”

 Proper thermal management reduces costs and improves network uptime – two elements that are critical to operating a global telecommunications company. When filters aren’t built to exact specifications and serviced properly, routers, switches and other air-cooled equipment overheats and ultimately fails. Equipment failure results in longer service cycles, increased maintenance costs and decreased network performance which is bad for carriers and consumers. UAF’s proven track record of service to AT&T over the last 35 years helps ensure that AT&T reduces unscheduled maintenance and downtime – good news for users.

 “Average AT&T customers never think about air filters, but the number one reason for network equipment failure is overheating,” said Krupp. “Our filter design, manufacturing and technical teams closely align with AT&T switching centers around the world to ensure filters are built to specification and replaced on schedule.”

 Along with AT&T, UAF services OEMs like Cisco, Ciena, Nortel, Fujitsu, Juniper, Tellabs, Alcatel-Lucent, Adtran, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Sonus, Sun Microsystems, Dell, and Genband. In addition to telecommunications, UAF specializes in delivering thermal management solutions for electronics in data center, medical, power-gen, gaming, and transportation applications. 

 Established in 1959 and headquartered in Sauget, IL, UAF operates within the Environmental Air division of Filtration Group, the world’s leading filtration company.  Filtration Group is a globally recognized brand, serving many of the world’s known companies through a network of 39 facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.  Collaboration between UAF and Filtration Group allows for world class service and products to customers across all industries and regions. For more information Please Contact Us or Call at 800-541-3478.

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