Daktronics and UAF Partner to Protect Sophisticated Video Display

Featured in Machine Design Magazine
Daktronics, a designer and manufacturer of programmable electronic signs, electronic and digital displays, and scoreboard systems for customers worldwide, specifies custom air filters and EMI vents made by Universal Air Filter Company for use in its Galaxy® message center and ProStar® video displays. The filters and EMI vents ensure maximum performance in a variety of harsh environments encountered in outdoor applications. 

The Galaxy line features monochrome and full-color displays used for on-premise advertising, typically in front of retail businesses. The ProStar video display line consists of large screen LED displays designed for sports, entertainment and commercial uses.

Air filters keep the displays operating in environments that include excessive dust, high temperature and high humidity. As a result, forced air-cooling in these devices is more critical compared toelectronics found in clean and temperate computer rooms in data centers and telecom central offices. Daktronics had to find a way to provide adequate airflow for cooling without compromising airborne dust filtration or EMI shielding requirements. The displays rely on a combination fan/filter management system to cool high-density LEDs and other critical electronics to extend their life and assure reliability. 

To meet these needs, Daktronics specified Universal Dual EMI and Quadrafoam™ air filters. Aluminum-framed Quadrafoam™ air filters have a foam gasket seal around the perimeter of the frame and are installed on the intake side of the display enclosure. The frame design provides the maximum amount of clean, cooling air to areas of the enclosure that need it most. 

Quadrafoam™ filters use Quadrafoam™ media, an open cell polyurethane foam treated with a thin coating of state-of-the-art flame retardant. The result is a more flexible and resilient filter that is very effective in applications exposed to severe environments. The coated foam also contains an anti-microbial additive with a fungus growth rating of zero. Quadrafoam™ is non-hazardous and pH neutralized for longer filter life. It is available in a wide range of pore sizes to provide the design engineer with the best combination of dust capturing capability and low airflow resistance. 

Cooling electronics with forced air, typically, requires large air inlets and exhaust vents in an enclosure. Large openings can let in potentially disruptive EMI/RFI noise. For hot-air exhaust, custom EMI vent panels are specified to meet intricate mechanical design requirements specified by Daktronics. Previously, honeycomb or expensive perforated metal panels were specified separately from the air filters, and permanently mounted to shield moderate levels of EMI emissions. Universal next generation Dual EMI air filters, however, provide air filtration and EMI shielding in one compact, removable assembly that integrates the honeycomb and/or stainless steel mesh EMI shield into a single, low-cost unit. For enclosure hot air exhaust, custom EMI vent panels are specified to meet Daktronics’ intricate mechanical design requirements. 

About Universal Air Filter

Universal Air Filter Co. provides custom design solutions and engineering support during the design phase of product development. Universal air filters meet the following standards and classifications: UL 94 HF-1; UL 900, RoHS; CE; Telcordia NEBS GR-78-CORE and GR-63-CORE; and FMVSS 302. 

For more information, contact: Universal Air Filter Co., 1624 Sauget Industrial Parkway, Sauget, Illinois 62206. Phone: 800-541-3478. Fax: 618-271-8808. Web site: www.uaf.com. 

About Daktronics

Daktronics is one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronic scoreboards, computer-programmable displays, large screen video displays, sound systems, and control systems. It excels in the control of large display systems and networks, including those that require integration of multiple complex displays showing real-time information, graphics, animation and video. 

For more information, contact: Daktronics, 331 32nd Ave., PO Box 5128, Brookings, South Dakota 57006-5128. Phone: 605-697-4300 or toll-free 800-325-8766 in the United States. Web site: www.daktronics.com. Email:[email protected].