UAF Protects Network Equipment as it Moves to the Edge

Nothing is as constant in the networking infrastructure space as change. The current investment taking place is in moving data storage and connectivity equipment out of central offices and to the ‘edge’; as close to the point of need as possible.

Successful edge networking involves hosting servers, storage, networking, routing, and data protection equipment in environments that vary from data centers and server rooms to utility closets and outdoor huts. This equipment is now subject to a variety of potential airborne contaminants, from the traditional dust to water, insects, and foliage. 1U – 4U rack mounted equipment has not been consistently designed with integrated air filters, but we see that changing rapidly in the move to the edge. This is not last decade’s highly controlled clean room environment and the need for equipment level air filtration is on the rise.

Speed of service and network bandwidth increase in edge networking, but the headaches for network service providers are magnified. Equipment uptime and reliability is more important than ever and protecting your equipment cooling system is critical to avoid service interruptions.

UAF is proud to be the filtration specialist tasked with protecting millions of pieces of networking equipment and keeping the sensitive electronics within safe operating temperatures and online. Our air filters help protect edge devices from dust, airborne contaminants, and other debris, and help keep your cooling fans running efficiently and effectively. We can help design framed filters custom to your equipment, sell you the OEM filter for the dozens of network equipment OEMs we partner with, or help you integrate NEBS compliant foam pads to ensure your network is protected from whatever environment it finds itself in.

Investing in proper filter maintenance not only protects your equipment, but honors the commitment made to your customers for a consistent and reliable service.

UAF: working hard every day to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive. Shouldn’t your equipment be protected by UAF?