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Quadrafoam™ Fire Retardant Media

Replacing the air filters in network equipment regularly is essential for network reliability.  An often unknown and more critical reason for frequent preventative maintenance is to ensure filters with Quadrafoam™ fire retardant media are kept clean to protect equipment from threat of arch flash.

What Happens When Quadrafoam™ Filters are Used in Telecom Central Offices?

Ensuring Universal Air Filter Quadrafoam™ media is properly maintained, can save your telecom equipment!  We received a frantic call from a CO Manager offering thanks for UAF’s filters aiding in deadening an equipment fire.  There had been a minor leak from the floor above, and dripping water had pooled directly behind a floor mounted optical router.  As water continued to drip, it splashed onto the power supply, causing an arch.  Fortunately, the very small fire that had been sparked was contained only to this router.  Because the customer had knowingly installed filters with Quadrafoam™ media, these filters were able to extinguish the flames before the building fire suppression systems were needed.    

Quadrafoam™ and Quadrafoam II™ are open cell polyurethane foams specially coated to provide improved flame, fungus, and UV radiation resistance. They feature deep loading, high dust holding capacity, low air flow resistance and mist elimination for use in extremely wide climatic conditions.

Quadrafoam™ and Quadrafoam II™ filters are ideal for telecom, medical, power gen, military/defense, and many other industrial and commercial products.  Quadrafoam™ and Quadrafoam II™ filters are configured in made-to-size aluminum-framed, cleanable filters, or cut-to-size pads, for fresh air intake and exhaust.  Quadrafoam™ and Quadrafoam II™ air filters are effective filters for GR-63-CORE and help enclosures meet GR-487-CORE and various MIL-STD, NEMA and IP ratings.  Quadrafoam II™ air filters are specially designed for harsh environments and are formulated to better withstand prolonged exposure to high temperature and high humidity environments.

Quadrafoam™ air filters are offered in a broad range of porosities (PPI) to meet custom filtration performance requirements. They also comply with UL 94 HF-1 self-extinguishing flame safety standards for electronics in INDUSTRIALMEDICALTELECOM, and MILITARY ELECTRONICS air filter applications. Quadrafoam™ air filters are the ultimate solution in NETWORKING AND COMMUNICATIONS equipment where compliance to NEBS, ATCA and other industrial computer specifications are required.