How to Change the Air Filter in an Adtran Opti-6100 MX

Universal Air Filter is the original manufacturer of the filters used in the Adtran Opti-6100 MX.  Most OEMs recommend replacing air filters every 6 months to ensure proper cooling and equipment performance.  UAF is the only OEM-approved supplier, and our filters are UL 94 certified and NEBS compliant.  

Watch our instructional video here: 

How to Replace Filter on the Adtran Opti-6100 MX (FANM/EFANM)

Filter Part Number: 3241016

  1. Locate the fan assembly (FANM/EFANM) below the chassis.
  2. Unscrew fasteners to remove fan assembly to access air filter.      
  3. Remove dirty air filter from fan assembly and replace with a new framed filter.   
  4. Insert fan assembly and tighten screws to re-attach to the chassis and discard used filter.  

Our air filtration experts can assist in any cross-referencing needed to ensure the proper filters are ordered. Want to learn more about our full service changeout program or have an inquiry about more equipment in your network? Email us with how we can help at [email protected]