UAF Filters on Undercover Boss

Protecting network equipment from dust, debris and, yes, flies!

Time to make some updates to IMDB as Universal Air Filter makes its network television debut on CBS’ Undercover Boss. While not technically an episode about UAF, our good friends at US Cellular clearly understand the importance of filters in the successful operations of their network infrastructure.

In a clip at the 21-minute mark in the show, US Cellular Maintenance Engineer Kyron Hobdy is seen working with his “trainee” (a poorly-disguised US Cellular CEO Laurent Therivel) on an issue all too familiar to NOC professionals – replacing a dirty air filter in a Nortel Metrocell CDMA network router. Although Hobdy seems unphased by the large collection of dead flies caught in the filter, Therivel seems a bit surprised by the sheer quantity. After shaking out the dead bugs from the filter onto the floor, Hobdy calmly asks the CEO if he knows how to work a broom. After Therivel says he knows how to work the broom, Hobdy says “OK, let’s go Cinderella!”. In his interview following the clip, Therivel remarks that the experience was a good reminder of what goes on in the field. It’s always nice to hear those kinds of sentiments from the CEO.

While we don’t expect to win any Emmys this year, we’re thrilled to be a part of our customers’ network protection strategy and we’re always happy to see network operators sticking to a disciplined strategy of filter maintenance and replacement. As CEO Therivel made abundantly clear, ensuring network uptime and reliability is critical to US Cellular and its customers. 

UAF works with our telecom customers to ship the right filters for their equipment, on the right cadence, to the right locations, well-labeled and with clear installation instructions; helping even the least experienced “trainee” handle basic UAF filter maintenance. We’re proud that our filters play a key role in keeping network equipment online, just one of the many ways we work to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive.

You have to sit through a few commercials, but you can check out filtration’s star turn around the 21-minute mark in the link below. If you’d like to learn more about how UAF protects your core network investments or purchase a PO874870 for your Nortel router, please contact us at