Don’t Get Overheated Watching the Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are quickly approaching, and whether you’re a curling, skiing, or luge fan, the last thing you want to worry about is your equipment or signal failing. Reliable internet and digital TV will provide you with uninterrupted access to every minute of Olympic action. Whether you watch through the internet or fiber optic cable, you don’t want to lose your signal or experience equipment failure in the final minutes of another women’s hockey grudge match between USA and Canada. 

Electronic devices all generate heat that needs to be dispersed to prevent system freezes or even crashes. Thermal management of your system is vital to performance. The circuits, graphics card, or even the hard drive are all vulnerable to the heat they produce which can cause varying ranges of damage from interruptions to loss of service entirely. The confined space and high wattage within video servers, digital communications equipment and broadband chassis exacerbate the heat emitted from each part and overheating them cannot only keep you from watching the new season of Stranger Things, but can reduce the lifespan of the entire device. 

Aside from parts warming while engaged, you need to make sure the air filters are clean and there is no particulate build up. Blocked air filters will increase the temperature of the system and cause circuit board failure and most upsetting, lost service. Air filters that meet stringent telecommunications standards for flame safety and reliability will maximize cooling air flow, keeping the system cool. 

Universal Air Filter’s Quadrafoam

– Protect equipment from dust contaminants
– Fire resistant to UL 94 standard
– Cleanable and reusable
– Low pressure drop for maximum air flow
– Porosities between 10 and 80 PPI in green, gray, or black
– Frame of sturdy one-piece roll formed channel
– Precision sheet metal framework designs
– Flexible, flame-retardant frame options 
– Uni-Grid media support used on one or both sides
– Effective for mist elimination and water ingress

Quadrafoam™ and Quadrafoam II™ are open cell polyurethane foams specially processed to provide improved flame, fungus, and UV radiation resistance. They feature deep loading, high dust holding capacity and low airflow resistance for use in extremely wide climatic conditions. Used in a variety of applications like wire-lines, wireless, and CATV communications networks. 

Aluminum components can be treated with a chromate or iridite finish to provide corrosion protection. Two custom frame options allow for a “frame-n-pane” design in either aluminum or flame-retardant, flexible polypropylene to provide media support. 

Standards & Classifications:

– UAF Quadrafoam products and facilities undergo repeated, rigorous third party testing and auditing by independent regulatory agencies to deliver 100% compliance with industry standards
– Environmental, recyclability, and non-use of hazardous materials are also monitored and confirmed
– UL, CE, Telcordia NEBS, ASHRAE, RoHS, and REACH compliance are verified in the areas of fire safety, reliability, filtration performance, and EMI shielding
– UL 94 HF-1 self-extinguishing flame safety standards for electronics in industrial, medical, telecom, and military electronics air filter applications
– A video of Quadrafoam’s self-extinguishing ability in action can be viewed here  
– Telcordia GR-63-CORE for flame safety and dust arrestance

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