Telcordia NEBS GR-63 Core Standard

The Telcordia Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) GR-63-CORE standard is designed to ensure maximum equipment operability for telecommunications equipment and components. Air filter components are included in this standard to help improve system reliability by preventing contaminants from entering the system. The standard notes that “accumulation of dust on telecommunications products can provide the potential for electrical breakdown.” Air filters are viewed as important components to help prevent this electrical breakdown: “Forced air-cooled equipment shall be fitted with suitable filters to remove particulate matter that has not yet been filtered out by the return air systems of the building”.

The following requirements have been identified by Universal Air Filter Company to ensure that equipment meets all of the air filter requirements specified by the NEBS standard.

  • All fan-cooled equipment shall be equipped with filters [R4-18]
  • Fan filters shall meet the minimum fire rating of Underwriters Laboratories UL 900-2004, Standard for Air Filter Units, plus revisions and be marked “UL Classified”. [R4-21]
  • Polymer filter media must also meet the fire-resistance requirements per Section, Materials/Components Fire-Resistance Criteria. (UL 94 HF-1) [R4-21]
  • Minimum Dust Arrestance
    • Equipment fan filters used in equipment occupying over 2U of vertical rack space: 80% per ASHRAE 52.1-1992 [R4-19]
    • Equipment fan filters used in equipment occupying 2U of vertical rack space or less: 65% per ASHRAE 52.1-1992 [R4-20]
  • Equipment shall have a provision for fan-filter replacement without particulate contaminants from the filter being introduced into equipment. Filter designs with rigid frames that are withdrawn from the airflow for removal satisfy the intent of this requirement. [R4-23]

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