Importance of Specifying UAF Quadrafoam

Not all UL 94-rated open cell polyurethane foams are created equal. Far from it. So when it comes to choosing certified Quadrafoam™ media, you have some important decisions to make. First and foremost, you’ll need to consider the source of your media. Are you OK with buying off-brand media that’s simply stamped out in a far off and unfamiliar factory and, perhaps illegally, called “quadrafoam”? At UAF, we’ve come across instances where other manufacturers are marketing their products as “quadrafoam” or boasting of having “equivalent products”. While an argument could be made that there’s very little difference between, say, Advil and generic ibuprofen, that’s not the case when it comes to critical air filtration. UAF branded Quadrafoam™ is an air filter grade media that has been produced to maximize air flow and dust holding, while still meeting the stringent, UL 94 HF-1 flame safety rating. Bear in mind that’s not necessarily the case with impostor products. 

If you prefer the confidence and attention-to-detail that comes from working with a dedicated team of designers/manufacturers that have been in the business for over 50 years, chose UAF. Universal Air Filter’s air filter media is produced to the most stringent standards and specifications. We have extensive quality procedures in place to ensure the air filter media delivers maximum performance for air flow, dust holding, flame safety, and industry standards compliance. We understand there are cheap foam options out there, but you want to be cautious when it comes to air flow and standards compliance for your high end equipment. 

If all of that sounds like toothless marketing speak and fear tactics, consider the following for why you should consider trademarked UAF Quadrafoam™: 

1. UAF performs in-depth R & D processes including airflow and pressure drop testing of Quadrafoam™ media to determine the specified grade and porosity 2. UAF contracts with an independent, 3rd party test lab to perform ASHRAE Std. 52.2 arrestance tests, certifying all filters meet specified grade and porosity criteria

3. As part of our Quality Assurance Program, ASTM D-3574 airflow testing is performed on every production batch to verify consistency of porosity and certify airflow values

4. UAF Quadrafoam™ air filter media is produced and processed to meet the most stringent, electronics industry, UL 94 HF-1 flame safety requirements Each shipment is verified and certified for accuracy and quality

5. In process, visual inspections are performed and compared to original R & D samples

6. If even a slight variance is discovered, UAF performs additional pressure drop testing to determine disposition of product and ensure quality UAF has over 30 years of Quadrafoam™ design, manufacturing, production, and fabrication experience using state of the art equipment to deliver a consistent Quadrafoam™ product

At Universal Air Filter, our entire team stands behind our products and we’re committed to transparency, precision engineering and dedicated life-cycle support. So before you blindly purchase any foam media labeled as “quadrafoam”, take a moment to consider the source. Be sure to specify UAF-certified Quadrafoam™!