Protect Equipment Against Oak Pollen

Red and watery eyes, stuffy noses and nagging coughs are common this time of year for anyone who’s susceptible to oak tree pollen. Fortunately, plenty of over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal sprays can keep the most annoying symptoms under control. And as for that mountain of yellow and green pollen that covers cars and handrails all over town, a light power washing can be a quick remedy for the mess. 

However, when it comes to sensitive electronics, oak pollen can be a much more pernicious problem that’s not so easily remedied. That problem is compounded for outdoor, air cooled equipment like telecommunications cabinets, power stations, and other outdoor enclosures. In many locations, pollen can quickly clog up your intake systems resulting in air flow drop and, ultimately, overheating. While full oak pollen strands, known as tassels or catkins, tend not to go airborne in the same way as last week’s featured hazard, cottonwood seed, anything within drop range of the large and pervasive oak trees can be heavily impacted.

For equipment maintenance personnel, there are a few critical considerations when it comes to planning for and managing the effects of oak pollen season. First, it’s important to make sure filters are built to the appropriate equipment specifications and that they fit properly. Equally as important is staying on a disciplined schedule of preventative maintenance. Cleaning the filters regularly during the heaviest times of pollen season is usually the first step. Most UAF filters are cleanable, and we have a quick video that covers the best ways to keep your filters clean here. Replacing filters on a regular schedule is also a smart approach. Feel free to contact us if you’d like help designing a filter replacement plan that’s tailored to the environmental concerns of your region or equipment location.

Whether you are designing a new piece of equipment that will be exposed to the elements or have equipment in the field that you need a new protection solution for, UAF can be your partner in integrating strategic filtration that will increase the reliability of your electronics. Stay tuned for upcoming articles highlighting some of our more innovative solutions to customer problems in coming weeks!

Should your equipment be protected by UAF? Reach out to us here to start a collaboration on your protection needs.