Partner Spotlight: Probasco Design

Your R&D Team has hit a roadblock and you know the medical device they are designing is revolutionary and want it brought to life. So where do you go to move your concept forward? You turn to a product design and development firm like Probasco Design out of Plano Texas.

Max Probasco, founder/owner of Probasco Design, is a Mechanical Designer first, then an Industrial Designer, which gives him a detailed, intelligent project perspective that considers aspects of final production throughout the design process. Doing one to two thirds of the engineer’s work, he is able to design products that can be efficiently and economically manufactured. And with a resume that includes Texas Instruments and Eljer Industries, Max is not new to the design and manufacturing world.

Forming Probasco Design, Max has opened up the design world to all who have an original, creative, useful, even fun concept they want to develop. Adding innovation, Probasco Design is ready to help their customers turn their ideas into not just a reality, but a properly functioning, cost effective, manufacturable reality. The company has the knowledge, experience and dexterity to keep projects on point and financially viable while helping clients find the exact direction they want the project to move. 

With customers from Fortune 100 companies to your neighbor, Probasco Design has helped bring to life medical products, telecommunications servers, military equipment, computers, lawn equipment, even a concussion detection device. Satisfied customers have respectfully included Probasco Design on their patents – 28 customers to be exact. Max is enthusiastic about the company’s abilities, “Engage us. We’re going to make your product not just a hit, but a homerun.” 

When your team sits with Probasco Design, you will find yourself in a serious, collaborative discussion on design, materials, stock and custom part availability, and manufacturability. Once the teams are satisfied with the viability of the concept, 3D drawings are created, followed by prototype sourcing, possibly even 3-D printed samples, and ultimately to manufacturing. Probasco Design’s proficiencies are extensive. They will assist you with the style of your design, the industrial and mechanical engineering, sourcing materials, managing costs, prototyping and ultimately manufacturing your product. 

With a growing list of resources, including a domestically made air filter contact and overseas mass manufacturing contacts, Probasco Design can meet all of your project’s needs. A somewhat new and beneficial relationship Probasco Design has established is with Illinois’ Universal Air Filter. Managing one particularly fast moving medical project, Probasco Design needed a custom filter in a very short timeframe. Knowing custom filter samples usually take 3 weeks to over a month, made Probasco Design cringe at the delay the project would incur. But UAF was able to send 3D CAD files that Probasco Design could merge with their design files with exact dimensions and in real time. And once it was decided the filter worked in the product, UAF created and sent a production quality filter in just 7 days. Probasco Design was thrilled with the results. 

With UAF, there is no more need to design custom products with off the shelf parts, which is not always simple or cost effective. UAF is experienced, easy to work with, and helpful with respect to determining the specs of your filter. Their custom products are economical, plus with filter media always a consideration, their wide range of products are a fit for almost any situation. Collaboration between Probasco Design and UAF has already proven lucrative and moved UAF onto Probasco Design’s filter go-to list. Steve Jobs said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people,” or two teams of people like Probasco Design and UAF.