Wind Turbine Air Filters

Custom wind turbine air filters prevent energy production loss due to harsh environments.

Universal Air Filter products provide superior protection for Wind Turbine Systems.

Specify UAF for:

  • Improved contamination control
  • Durability
  • Serviceability

When tower doors fail:

  • Unfiltered air enters the base enclosure
  • Negatively impacts electrical cabinet air intake filters
  • Electrical panels overheat and fault
  • Wind turbine fails

UAF wind turbine air filters prevent energy production loss:

  • Base enclosure door filters
  • Transformer cabinet filters
  • Communications equipment filters
  • Up-tower control panel filters
  • Nacelle equipment filters

Wind turbines are deployed in the harshest environments so the electronic and control equipment that support wind turbines must be able to operate efficiently and reliably under extreme conditions.  Blowing sand and dust, rain, and salt fog are major concerns for wind turbine equipment as these contaminants can cause electronics failure and production power loss.   Wind turbine air filters are critical to ensure that harmful contaminants are removed from cooling intake air to ensure reliable operation.

Wind turbine filters must capture contaminants while still allowing adequate airflow to ensure equipment within the turbine remains cool.  The air filter must also be rugged enough to withstand high airflow as well as heat and UV radiation.  Failure to properly filter cooling air can result in harmful dust ingress which can cause electronic circuit cards to overheat and failure of mechanical controls and fans.  Failure of support equipment leads to energy production loss as well as additional maintenance costs.

Universal Air Filter Company provides air filter solutions for turbine door intakes as well as base level electronics and power transformation equipment.  Large, rugged, high airflow filters are typically used on the turbine intake to prevent the bulk of contaminant ingress.  Smaller filters are also used for supplemental filtration on the electronic controls to help eliminate ingress of dust that is tracked inside the turbine.  Universal Air Filter Company can provide custom solutions for OEM wind turbine manufacturers as well as replacement filters for improved contamination control, durability, and serviceability.