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UAF is the market leader in protecting EV chargers from environmental hazards like dust, wind-driven rain, insects, and salt fog. Founded in 1959, we have a long history of designing and manufacturing custom filters to protect sensitive electronics equipment in the telecom and outdoor enclosures spaces, and for the last 10 years that expertise has been put to use in EV infrastructure.

Our PentaVent™ filter product, the sample you found this QR code on, has been proven to meet the needs of many fast charger OEMs: it packs significant protection against dust and water into a .5″ thick frame while allowing for great air cooling of sensitive equipment. In conjunction with a well-designed cabinet, PentaVent™ has met an IP 44 standard without the use of louvers. At 500 FPM, initial resistance is approximately .54 IN.W.G. Its thin profile and great performance against the hazards that threaten the uptime of your EV charger have made it the filter of choice for both intake and exhaust openings in many leading chargers!

UAF’s filters are Made in America, and every filter we design is customized for your equipment: no need to change the size of your cabinet or opening to accommodate one. In fact, we’re experts at retrofitting filters into chargers already in the field! Getting filtration right is one of the keys to maintaining reliable, online chargers that meet any existing SLAs.

We have many other solutions if you have a niche problem to solve: our filters can protect your equipment from salt fog, cottonwood seed, assist with EMI shielding… if your outdoor equipment is experiencing it, we’ve almost certainly seen and solved that problem. UAF also has deep expertise in establishing robust aftermarket product and service offerings in conjunction with our customers.

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You can also talk to our EV Charging team directly:

Jeremy Thieman ([email protected]), our head Application Engineer for the EV Charging market, is your guy if you have a technical question 

Braeden Fields ([email protected]) leads all things commercial for EV Charging and outdoor enclosures, and can help if you’re curious about how we could partner

Carolyn Brewer ([email protected]) would love to hear your feedback on our presentation, or talk industry trends and emerging technologies

Additional information about our products and the various hazards we can protect your chargers from is also on our website!