Air Filter Accessories

Spring Clip Gasket Filter Accessories

UAF can configure your custom filter with accessories and features designed to improve installation into your equipment including:

  • Holes located in filter frames per your custom specifications for alignment with fasteners and mounting holes.
  • Tabs and ring-handles made from flame retardant polypropylene, aluminum, or steel for filter insertion and removal.
  • Spring clips to provide positive grounding of air filters to electronics chassis for more effective EMI shielding while simultaneously helping to reduce vibration and chatter, and special installation requirements.
  • Precision-fabricated custom flanges and handles for alignment with equipment mounting provisions, or to ease installation and removal.
  • Captive fasteners such as PEM, Southco, etc. or other fasteners located and installed per your custom specifications.
  • Any other custom accessories that help satisfy your requirements. Just let us know what you need.

More Information:

  • Tolerances
  • Product Lines

Framed Filters +/-.06″ length & width, +/-.03″ thickness

Pad Filters +/-.12″ length & width, +/-.06″ thickness

Windowpane Air Filters

Quadrafoam Air Filters

Dual EMI Air Filters

Filtration Performance Data:

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