UAF Protects Bus Passengers by Providing Clean Air in Motion

UAF is most well-known for our Quadrafoam® filters that protect electronics from dust and other particles, however some of our biggest customers in the transportation industry rely on our filters for another use.

Two large commercial bus operators use UAF’s MERV 15 mini pleat filters in their Coach Bus HVAC systems for clean, breathable air to protect the passengers. As you can imagine, people became more health conscious, especially when it comes to breathable air, during the COVID pandemic. People are still wearing masks on public transportation and relying on filters for other ways to stay safe. Filters became a part of one key customer’s cleaner bus COVID Initiatives for the coach buses used on large tech campuses to get employees from place to place. The MERV 15 filter media is known for helping to protect the passengers from bacteria, smoke/exhaust, airborne contaminants, and other harmful particulates.

UAF recently attended a transportation trade show in Toronto to see some customers and learn more about the challenges they are facing. The show was packed with hundreds of vendors and 30+ brand new buses on display, including fully electric buses and emission free buses, which seemed to be a popular theme throughout the show. Our goal was to understand how our suite of protections could help support our customer’s protection challenges; from cooling battery systems with custom Quadrafoam® filters on electric/hybrid buses, to filtering cabin air with UAF’s MERV 15 mini pleat.  Throughout the show, it was evident that bus manufacturers and operators remain dedicated to keeping passengers safe with clean, filtered cabin air.

Reach out to UAF today to learn more about our custom air filtration solutions – from protecting electronics from dust and EMI – to providing custom sized air filters for mobile HVAC systems on buses.