Elevate Your EV Charger Enclosure Protection with Universal Air Filter

The importance of safeguarding your charging infrastructure and meeting uptime and performance requirements cannot be understated. UAF specializes in helping customers like you achieve and exceed IP44/NEMA 3R (up to IP65), ensuring that your charging stations are protected against the elements and environmental factors.

Customization: We understand that every Level 3 DC charger has unique requirements. UAF takes pride in tailoring air filtration solutions to your specific needs, ensuring that your EV charger enclosures maintain optimal functionality and longevity.

Thermal Expertise: Our team of engineers will assist in designing filters based on your thermal requirements. Whether it’s enhancing heat dissipation or maintaining a stable operating temperature, we have you covered.

Maintenance Optimization: UAF goes beyond the initial design phase. We assist charger OEMs and CPOs in determining field maintenance requirements and developing SOPs. Our aim is to not only protect your investment but also streamline its upkeep and reduce maintenance costs.

If you’re looking to enhance the performance and protection of your Level 3 DC chargers, we would love to schedule a brief intro conversation to learn more about your needs and outline the solutions we have being utilized in the industry. Please contact UAF today for more information about our custom solutions and maintenance programs.