How do you plan to meet the 97% charger uptime requirement?

The release of the NEVI rules on June 9th formalized the requirements for qualifying for the government infrastructure funds designated to build out the US EV charger network. One of the most stringent aspects of accessing those dollars is the need for chargers to meet a minimum 97% uptime standard.

Sensitive electronics equipment… sitting outside… along highways… what could go wrong?

At UAF, we’re in the protection business. We engineer and manufacture custom filters that protect our customers’ sensitive electronics, while allowing for direct air cooling to assist you with thermal management. UAF’s dedicated EV charging team is experienced with the environmental hazards DC fast chargers face in the wild: dust, wind driven rain, insects, vandalism, etc. while carefully considering your equipment profile, air flow needs / pressure drop restrictions, and desired maintenance schedule. Our suite of custom solutions can be tailored to protect your equipment from whatever hazard keeps you up at night, worrying about your ability to achieve that 97% level of service.

Our three most popular solutions in the EV charging space include:

PentaVent – slim at .5″, affordable, can help your cabinet meet an IP44 or NEMA 3R rating without the use of louvers or other mechanical protection

WR – thicker two-stage solution that can also combat fine dust particles, IP54

OSP – thick two-stage solution that captures fine dust and can protect sensitive electronics from corroding salt fog and other environmental hazards IP65

UAF’s filters are designed to be cleanable, and made just across the river from St Louis in Sauget, Illinois, meeting the requirements outlined under the Build America, Buy America Act (Pub. L. No 117- 58, div. G §§ 70901–70927).

Ready to tell us more about your specific protection challenge? You can share information about what you’re up against here and expect to hear back from our dedicated EV team within two business days.