UAF and COVID-19

At UAF, we take the risk associated with the continued global spread of the COVID-19 infection very seriously.  Our employees’ health and safety are core to our company values and remain our priority.  We continue to monitor the WHO, CDC, and government protocols to inform our own decisions regarding the health and safety of our employees. 

We are closely monitoring the developing impacts of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus on our industry and have received many inquiries regarding the outbreak’s effect on our supply. While the situation is evolving, we can confirm the following as of today:

  • We have suspended all international business travel. This includes countries in which we do business.  We are making use of available technology to stay in contact with our customers to make sure we are meeting their needs.  Business will be conducted remotely as much as possible using electronic collaboration tools.
  • All of our UAF facilities remain fully operational and the intent is to continue to remain open unless directed to close by government officials.
  • We will continue to travel to perform filter change outs as scheduled unless we are directed not to do so.  As this situation is very dynamic, we would appreciate notification if your facility changes its access rules so we can plan accordingly.
  • We are not aware of any supply disruptions at this time that could impact our ability to deliver filters within expected lead times.
  • As expected, we continue to ensure our facilities are kept as clean as possible and employees are following the necessary precautions to stay healthy.
  • We are fully committed to meeting our customers’ needs and to make sure innovation work progresses with minimal impact on our customers as a result of these policies.

We continue to monitor and engage with our supply chain and operations to ensure business continuity to our customers.  Any customer that may be impacted with a delay will be contacted directly by Customer Care with specific details. For those of our customers who could be impacted by any plant shut down or decline in inventory, we recommend providing us with additional orders now. Please work with your UAF sales representative to make sure you have adequate inventory during this period.

Any change to our policies described above will be communicated to you. You can also go to our website,, where we will post ongoing updates as appropriate. 

Should the outbreak worsen in a way that changes this information, we will contact you. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer care team or feel free to contact me directly.

Our partners in the Filtration Group remain active in supporting efforts to manage the challenges COVID-19 presents.   We are continuously networking to drive innovation.  You can learn more about Filtration Group companies, products and solutions at

Thank you for being our partner in making the world safer, healthier and more productive.

Jim Chew


Universal Air Filter