Application Spotlight: Knightscope Security Robots

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“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless,” footballer Jerry Smith’s words resonate in every industry. Politicians win campaigns with platforms to improve public safety. Laws are created to promote security. Industries and companies are formed to develop instruments to aid and enhance protection. One California company, Knightscope, is revolutionizing the security industry with highly sophisticated and extremely effective robots. 

As a business owner, imagine you could record all activities in and/or around your facility. You would have video evidence to prevent not only theft, but suspicious activity and even expensive lawsuits. Jerry said it – safety is priceless – and when you consider just a small accident on your campus, the cost of personal injury is only one of the prices you’ll pay. The cost to your company’s reputation is incalculable. With the K5 patrolling your site, you will have eye-level recordings of the events leading up to, including, and following an accident on your grounds, potentially saving your company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and more importantly, your company’s good name. 

Knightscope security robots are an incredibly effective means to keep your site patrolled and safe. With multiple robot design options, any school or business campus, loading dock or warehouse, hospital, or even shopping center can find a system that will work for them. The the outdoor K5, the indoor K3, the stationary K1, and the upcoming multi-terrain K7, all offer similar security functions, but for very different external environments. 

Crime: Cost and Consequence

Crime has a one trillion dollar negative economic impact on the United States annually. With a violent crime occurring every 24.6 seconds and a property crime occurring every 4.1 seconds, Knightscope is focused on making the US the safest country in the world with their ingenious robot designs. The classic movie typecast of the bumbling, patrolling security guard has been replaced by a sleek, security robot that flawlessly performs monotonous, computationally-heavy tasks with 24/7 consistency. 

Reducing crime nearly 100% on loading docks and in warehouse parking lots, these robots provide people and license plate detection, eye-level 360o HD video streaming and recording, thermal anomaly detection, live and custom audio broadcast, and remote monitoring. Standing just over 5 feet, they can be adorable to those aware of their presence, yet quite intimidating to those unversed in robot security. Moving at a speeds around 3 mph, these sophisticated bots even autonomously recharge themselves when needed. 

Knightscope security robots have already assisted law enforcement in solving numerous crimes. Based on its recorded data, K5 was able to help arrest a parking lot car thief. Using its thermal detection function, K5 prevented a potentially destructive hair salon fire, noticing equipment left on inside a cabinet. With its license plate identification, K1 helped identify a car involved in a hit and run. No medals were awarded the robots, but the recipients of the robots’ assistance could not be more appreciative and supportive. 

Filters Matter

Functioning in both indoor and outdoor locations means the robots incur exposure to all elements. The precision of this system and its equipment requires crucial protection and advanced filtration solutions. Filters from Illinois’ Universal Air Filter provide Knightscope robots the durability and reliability needed for efficient, continuous operation and performance. 

UAF’s moisture-resistant, cleanable filters meet applicable enclosure-level standards like MIL-STD, NEMA, and IP ratings. With dust and water mist prevention a necessity, ultra-thin framed filters combine as part of a two stage media solution, while water-repellant, low pressure drop filter media reduces the ingress of airborne moisture and dust without jeopardizing the flow of critical cooling air. With UAF filters in place, Knightscope robots can perform continuously and efficiently, protecting your business, employees, or students with little to no disruptions to function, data storage, or efficiency. 

UAF makes it easy for their customers to find the best filter for their systems. With complimentary, round-the-clock prototype service available worldwide via, design engineers are able to meet critical design, test and evaluate deadlines for air filter media. Requesting a prototype is as simple as contacting UAF.