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UAF – Helping to keep optical equipment running clean, cool, and reliably.

UAF is the market leader in the design and manufacture of network equipment air filtration. Founded in 1959, we have a long history of designing and manufacturing custom filters to protect sensitive electronics equipment in the telecom and outdoor enclosures spaces.  We have deep experience keeping sensitive optical equipment running clean and cool.  When reliability, efficiency, cleanliness, and thermal management is critical – UAF can support your filtration needs.

Our product offerings include NEBS and UL compliant solutions using our proprietary Quadrafoam media.  UAF offers various frame and fastener options to work with your design.  Our team of engineers and product specialists can help evaluate your cooling/filtration needs to collaborate on solutions. 

We have many other solutions if you have a niche problem to solve for both indoor and outdoor applications: our filters can protect your equipment from salt fog, cottonwood seed, assist with EMI shielding

Ready to protect your equipment with the best filters in the market? Leave your information here and we’ll get back to you within a business day about your specific protection needs.

You can also talk to our Telecom Network Equipment team directly:

Chris Picha ([email protected]), our Network Equipment OEM Design/Application Engineer can help identify solutions, offer suggestions, and work with you to design a compliant and efficient cooling system

John Pellerin ([email protected]) leads our North America commercial efforts for our Network Equipment OEM customers

K.C. Liu ([email protected]) leads our APAC region commercial efforts for our Network Equipment OEM customers

Parker Doelger ([email protected]) Network Equipment and Telecom Aftermarket markets leader

Additional information about our products and the various hazards our products protect from are available on our website!