UAF Engineering Services

UAF has a long history of unparalleled engineering expertise that’s rooted in precision design, collaborative prototyping, rigorous testing and compliance with all leading industry standards


During the filter design process, UAF works closely with customers from the initial stages of determining the basics (dimensions and airflow requirements) through to meeting the challenges of the most demanding applications. Having worked on 1000s of custom applications, UAF engineers have an unmatched depth of knowledge and expertise in thermal design, media selection, multistage filtration, 3D CAD, installation/removal and domestic/international regulatory certification and compliance. Whether your project involves the early stages of new product design, or you’re looking for a new protection solution for an existing product, our engineers can lead you to a great solution. Start a project with us: Request for Quote – New Application


In addition to hands-on engineering support during the prototyping process, UAF provides free access to integrated, online design tools to assist customers in the initial filter creation and configuration process. Our tools allow customers to create custom parts, perform tolerance stack-ups and test for fit within equipment applications. Best of all, when customers have completed their designs, they can request a prototype directly from within the tools for further real-world testing. Explore our CAD tools.

Testing and Compliance

All UAF products undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory and all UAF filters meet or exceed industry standards including NEBS certification, UL classification and all other leading industry standards related to electronics, telco, broadband, medical or general industrial filtration. Learn more about UAF’s Filtration Standards and Compliance.