Reduce Airborne Viruses and Pathogens

 From hospitals to control centers to COs to administrative offices – almost all work environments are susceptible to viral spread. UAF Engineering can help you choose the filtration system that’s best for you.

Protecting Workspaces and Employees

Employee health and safety in the workplace was a top concern before the COVID-19 pandemic and protecting individuals from airborne viruses and pathogens will be a priority for years to come. Practicing good personal hygiene, mask-wearing (PPE) and social distancing are all smart practices in all environments, but it’s also important to capture and destroy airborne pathogens before they have a chance to infect anyone in the first place.

How Filtration Group Fights on Multiple Fronts

Before COVID, UAF was already a leader in airborne pathogen filtration. Our Quadrafoam media has always kept harmful dust and pathogens from collecting in critical medical equipment and devices, while at the same time containing antimicrobial agents to promote zero mold and fungus growth. Your MRI machine, artificial heart pump, ultrasounds and medical lasers likely already contain a hygienic UAF filter that protects the electronics and holds up to rigorous cleaning. 

In response to the recent pandemic, UAF and the Filtration Group redoubled our efforts to bring innovative filtration solutions into the places where people protection takes precedence. We’ve collaborated with public transit authorities to interpret the ever-changing ASHRAE standards for public health, and reverse engineered custom filters that can be used with existing ventilation systems: managing the risk of pressure drop and maintaining minimum air circulation rates while installing the highest possible efficiency filter. UAF’s extensive expertise has been applied to a wide variety of train, bus and motorcoach applications, in addition to innovative solutions for cleaning the air in conjunction with other purification solutions like UV light. UAF has maintained access to premium MERV media and collaborated with our sister companies across Filtration Group on the use of innovative new filter media that don’t just capture small virus particles but can kill them on contact.

How Can UAF Help?

Almost all work environments are susceptible to airborne pathogens and viral spread — from hospitals to control centers to COs and administrative offices. We worked with the founding members of the Indoor Air Hygiene Institute not just on customer challenges, but to keep our UAF team safe during the pandemic. Contact Universal Air Filter engineering today to let us help you choose the system that’s right for you.