Nortel Replacement Air Filters

Nortel Models and Replacement Air Filter

Nortel Model No.UAF Part No.Action
BSM CABINETPO834384Request a Quote
DMS 100 DTC/ICP MBIE KNDG BAYSAO344437Request a Quote
DMS 100 NTCL ICPAO361371Request a Quote
DMS 500AO352802Request a Quote
DMS 500AO352805Request a Quote
DMS NTCL LIM CABINETAO377837Request a Quote
METROCELLPO874870Request a Quote
NTCL LCE CABINETAO346832Request a Quote
NTLX 5015 / SPMAO665487Request a Quote
OPTERA 8020098Request a Quote
OPTERA METRO 3500PO913909Request a Quote
OPTERA METRO 5100N0097314Request a Quote
OPTERA METRO 520020098Request a Quote
PASSPORT 15000AO778937Request a Quote
XA COREPO884002Request a Quote
8010co Chassis312194-BRequest a Quote
AABS / VSNAO351779Request a Quote
BIU CABINETPO838166Request a Quote
C42 COOLING UNITN0027761Request a Quote
CG8600312194-BRequest a Quote
DATAPAC NT9P46AO367993Request a Quote
DMS 10AO351174Request a Quote
DMS 100 LIMAO351171Request a Quote
DMS 100 SUPERNODE 5AO351172Request a Quote
DMS 1U FRONT END CABINETAO336992Request a Quote
MINICELL DEPO890557 Request a Quote
OC-48AO368944Request a Quote
OME 6500AO511502Request a Quote
PASSPORT 7000 (MAGELLAN)AO383866Request a Quote
S/DMS TRANSPORT NODE (OC-12)AO379322Request a Quote
AO379322PO842778Request a Quote
SUCCESSION SAM 2191-W5663C01ARequest a Quote
VECTORPO870655Request a Quote

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