Fujitsu Replacement Air Filters

Fujitsu Models and Replacement Air Filter

 Fujitsu replacement air filters for your telecom equipment needs.  

Fujitsu Model No.UAF Part No. Action
FLASHWAVE 150 ADXHA15L-0001-B085#01Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 2400 ADXHA15L-0001-B116#01Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 4100FC9681FLT1Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 4300H30L-0001-0519Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 4500H15B-1001-D067Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 7000HA15L-0001-B085#04Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 9500 CA32406-Y145Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 9500H15B-0201-C592Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 9500 H15B-1001-D067Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 9500 HA15B-0001-B500Request A Quote
HA15L-0001-B116#02Request A Quote
FLASHWAVE 9500X0TA35001-Q810Request A Quote

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