Network Equipment | Protective Maintenance Program

Reduce Risks of Network Outages and Improve System Performance

UAF offers a range of network maintenance programs to NOC operators to ensure critical equipment does not fail or underperform. UAF’s experience designing and producing filters for top telecom OEM’s like Cisco, make UAF a logical partner for some of the top telecom companies in the world. UAF now offers full service air filter maintenance for some of the largest NOCs in the country.

Telecom Industry Experts

  • Leader of OEM approved source of supply for NEBS certfied air filter in carrier grade telecommunications and networking applications
  • Highly responsive, distributed team of regional sales manager, PM’s and field service technicians
  • In house engineers to assist with custom designs as needed.

UAF’s Network Maintenance Process Includes:

  • Site survey performed to identify all equipment and filtration inventory requirements
  • Equipment ordered and packed specifically for maintenance tasks
  • Insured, UAF-trained, networking equipment and air filtration experts perform maintenance tasksEquipment ordered and packed specifically for maintenance tasks

Impact of Poor Filter Maintenance

Unpredictable Maintenance vs. Managed Maintenance Service

Ad-Hoc Maintenance

Managed Maintenance
1. Air filters ordered at inconsistent intervals
2. Inventory costs unpredictable
3. Incorrect / incompatible filters ordered
4. Storage challenges hosting air filter
1. Consistent execution of air filter maintenance
2. Fixed annual costs 
3. Inventory managed by air filtration experts
4. Eliminates inventory storage concerns