Genuine UAF Quadrafoam

Specify UAF QuadrafoamTM  for your OEM application and rest assured that your equipment complies with the most stringent electronics industry requirements. Quadrafoam imposters may be offered but only Genuine UAF QuadrafoamTM is delivering results for high performance electronics in data center, telecom, military, medical, industrial, and power generation applications.

At UAF our business is helping OEMs bring products to market quickly and fully compliant.  UAF QuadrafoamTMproducts and facilities undergo repeated, rigorous third party testing and auditing by independent regulatory agencies to deliver 100% compliance with electronics standards.  UL, CE, Telcordia NEBS, ASHRAE, RoHS, and REACH compliance are verified in the areas of fire safety, reliability, filtration performance, and EMI shielding.  Environmental, recyclability, and non-use of hazardous materials are also monitored and confirmed.  UAF QuadrafoamTM solutions are effective for mist elimination, and assist enclosures in meeting various MIL-STD, NEMA and IP ratings.

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 It’s not Quadrafoam if it’s not Genuine UAF QuadrafoamTM