What is the recommended method of cleaning Universal air filters?

Four easy ways to clean Universal’s Windowpane, Quadrafoam and Uni-Foam Air Filters:

  1. Vacuum Clean – A few passes of a vacuum cleaner will remove accumulated dust and dirt in seconds.
  2. Blow with Compressed Air – Point compressed air nozzle in opposite direction of operating air flow (blow from exhaust side toward intake side).
  3. Cold Water Rinse – Under normal conditions the foam media used in Universal’s WINDOWPANE, QUADRAFOAM and UNI-FOAM filters require no oily adhesives. Collected dirt is washed away quickly and easily using just a standard hose nozzle with plain water.
  4. Immersion in Warm, Soapy Water – Where stubborn air-borne dirt is present, the filter may be dipped in a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Then simply rinse in clear water, let stand until completely dry and free of moisture, and return to service.