What unique features or functions can UAF build into a custom filter?

  • Air-Diffusion – Proper thermal management should also consider air-straightening capabilities of the air filter to ensure sufficient cooling. Many ventilation systems generate turbulent flow at the inlet when air rapidly enters the enclosure while being sliced by fan blades, then is forced to turn sharp corners. This turbulence creates noise, slows the airflow before exiting, and reduces the effective cooling. Hence, the goal for the OEM designer is to select an air filter that both captures particulates and produces adequate laminar airflow. Distribution of laminar airflow is critical. Laminar airflow insures that each card receives the same amount of air at the proper velocity. Otherwise, components may fail prematurely due to heat build-up. Designers previously had to use expensive perforated metal or aluminum honeycomb to get the air in the right place. Universal Air Filter Company can readily eliminate the need for a separate, expensive air-straightener. Air straightening decreases the vortices and input power, increases downstream velocity, and maintains velocity over greater distances. This prevents large vortices from forming and distributes the pressure drop more uniformly across the chassis. The air filter media itself plays a major role in keeping airflow laminar.
  • EMI Shielding – Potentially disruptive EMI/RFI noise can be a problem with enclosures where forced air cooling is used in the equipment’s thermal management plan. To protect against EMI/RFI noise, honeycomb or perforated metal panels were commonly specified separately and permanently mounted to shield moderate levels of EMI emissions. Universal provides air filtration and EMI shielding in a single, low-cost assembly that is compact and removable. The Dual EMI Honeycomb air filter integrates the honeycomb EMI shield into the air filter assembly. The honeycomb structure consists of “cells” that are engineered to trap and absorb EMI noise while maintaining 95% to 99% openness for minimal airflow impedance. Because Dual EMI Honeycomb air filters are removable, the air filter and shield are easily cleaned and reinstalled in the device as required. Dual EMI Honeycomb air filters meet the stringent filtration performance and flammability requirements of CE and UL. They deliver more than 60dB attenuation over a frequency range of 10 kHz to 1 GHz. A gasket installed around the frame assures conductivity of the frame to the enclosure, and the honeycomb structure reflects and absorbs EMI. 

Do you have experience designing to industry standards like NEBS or specific IP classifications, for example?

  • Full Compliance with Industry Standards & Classifications – Universal Air Filter Company is capable of meeting primary standards and classifications that OEM designers should look for when specifying air filters. Universal products are:
    • Telcordia NEBS certified
    • UL 94 recognized
    • UL Class 2 classified
    • CE certified

We also help designers meet the stringent requirements of UL 60950 (formerly UL 1950), ETSI, and EN 60950 for Europe. By specifying Universal, OEM designers can be assured that the air filter has been independently laboratory tested in accordance with MIL-STD-285 for EMI shielding and ASHRAE 52.1-1992 for particulate arrestance.