MacroFlow™ Software Incorporates Universal Air Filter Data For OEMs

Innovative Research, LLC, which offers thermal design analysis software for electronic systems, has incorporated the Universal Air Filter Co. database for convenient specification of flow performance characteristics of air filters in MacroFlow™ 3.05. 

Universal Air Filter’s database was selected for incorporation in MacroFlow 3.05 as it represents the predominant air filter line used in forced air thermal management solutions for electronics equipment. MacroFlow 3.05 utilizes the Flow Network Modeling (FNM) technique for improving the productivity of the thermal design process. Thermal engineers use MacroFlow for simple, rapid and accurate analysis of various thermal management schemes so that the best cooling solution can be identified in a rapid, reliable and cost-effective manner. 

By including the Universal Air Filter Co. air filter database, Innovative Research, LLC ( expands the comprehensive capabilities of MacroFlow 3.05 to make it an even more valuable design tool for thermal engineers.