Introducing UAF’s Enhanced Service Levels for the Telecom Aftermarket Space

Universal Air Filter (UAF) has deep expertise in the telecommunications industry and is a proud partner of all the premier network equipment OEMs and carriers. Today, we’re excited to share the unveiling of our enhanced service levels tailored to the telecom aftermarket space.

Why Is This Important for You? 

Networks thrive on uptime and dependability. Any downtime not only affects service but can also lead to higher operating costs and reduced efficiency. With regular preventative service like those offered by UAF, your network equipment is shielded from potential damages like overheating, circuit card issues, fan failures, and more. Plus, maintaining NEBS standards for fire protection and safeguarding equipment warranties has never been easier.

Dive into Our Tiered Service Levels:

Tier 1: Site Survey & Custom Quoting – Let our trained filter technicians guide you through a detailed site assessment to ensure you have the right filter inventory.

Tier 2: Assisted Network Filter Changes – Enhance your filter replacement process with expert support, from locating to installing filters across all OEMs, models, and chassis.

Tier 3: Turn-Key Filter Service – Enjoy complete peace of mind as our technicians handle everything from filter changes to post-installation reports.

Why Choose UAF? We are the frontrunners in filter manufacturing for major telecom OEMs. Powered by our American-based manufacturing and dedicated engineering team, we ensure 100% filter availability. We pride ourselves on offering services that are efficient, cost-effective, and tailored to your needs.Interested in learning more or need to schedule a site survey? Dive into our new webpage  detailing our comprehensive offerings. You can also contact your UAF Account Representative directly, or Billy Gainey – Aftermarket Division Supervisor, for further assistance.