Harness the Force of UAF for EMI Shielding on your Next EV Charger Design!

It’s no secret that EV technology is moving fast, making it more important that Engineers get the most out of their strategic partnerships, especially as it relates to reliability. Addressing the multifaceted challenge of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is crucial, with factors such as EMC standards, regulatory compliance, safety, vehicle electronics, and communication systems driving the need for effective EMI shielding.

Universal Air Filter (UAF), renowned for its dust/dirt protection and hydrophobic filtration solutions for EV chargers, is now leveraging their history of EMI shielding within the Defense and Medical industries to deliver more solutions to more customers in the critical space of EV Charging.

Understanding the Need for EMI Shielding in EV Chargers

Level 3 DC fast chargers deliver high-powered charging yet they operate in an environment sensitive to EMI. EMI shielding involves using materials and techniques to contain or mitigate electromagnetic emissions from a device and to protect it from external electromagnetic interference. EMI vent panels are a great strategy, especially in systems where proper ventilation is necessary for cooling and efficient operation. Factors compelling EMI shielding include EMC standards, regulatory compliance, reliability & safety, vehicle electronics, and communication systems.

UAF’s Expertise and Difference

Universal Air Filter (UAF), a division of Filtration Group, has a legacy of custom-tailored air filtration solutions. With a notable history of providing EMI solutions to the Defense and Medical industries, UAF brings unparalleled expertise to the world of EV technology with custom EMI vent panels for seamless integration.

UAF’s custom EMI vent panels are meticulously engineered to align with both new and existing charger designs and have the option of adding dust filtration through innovative design. These panels harmonize optimal EMI shielding with the essential need for ventilation and even air straightening, ensuring that vent panels fortify the charger’s electromagnetic environment while facilitating efficient air flow.

Holistic Protection: EMI, Dust, and Moisture

What truly sets UAF apart is its holistic approach. The custom vent panels are not limited to EMI shielding alone; they seamlessly integrate advanced dust protection and moisture ingress prevention. This comprehensive solution guards charging systems against a spectrum of threats, ensuring peak performance and prolonged lifespan.

UAF’s distinction lies in its commitment to being a solutions partner, transcending the conventional role of a vendor. Collaborating with UAF empowers EV charger manufacturers to forge cutting-edge, dependable, and efficient systems that exceed industry standards.

Taking the Next Step: Contact UAF Today

Elevate your EV charger designs by embracing the prowess of custom EMI vent panels, combined with our NEMA 3R PentaVent product for dust and moisture ingress protection. We want to start a conversation with you about your protection goals and design challenges and get to work on a solution today.

Harness the force of comprehensive solutions and propel your EV charging technology to new heights with Universal Air Filter.

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