FIPS Compliant Opacity Shields

Ideal solution FIPS 140 compliant applications

FIPS Compliant Filters

Custom FIPS Compliant Opacity Shields are the ideal solution for secure data center applications where FIPS 140 compliance is required.  UAF Opacity Shields provide protection against unauthorized access while promoting enclosure thermal management and adhering to other stringent computer networking safety and reliability standards.  In addition to meeting physical enclosure security requirements, opacity shields can be configured to provide dust filtering protection and EMI/EMC shielding capabilities.  UAF opacity shields meet UL 94 flame safety requirements.

Custom UAF products are configurable to meet the widest range of secure data center applications:

Enterprise servers
Military Network Infrastructure
Wireless Networks
Security & Surveillance
VoIP Systems
Video Servers

Cryptographic module security is essential for government, military and enterprise servers, switches, routers, and data storage systems.  Vented Opacity Shields promote electronics reliability and allow cooling air for cabinet thermal management. Edge-to-edge venting requirements and intricate designs are met with precision metal fabricated aluminum frames and housings.