Keep Your Drink Cold on July 4th Weekend!


So it’s the 4th of July weekend and you’ve decided to grill out.  Cold Drinks and BBQ are a natural partnership, but where do you set your cold beverage while you’re grilling? If you’re like many of us at UAF, you set it on the grill’s side shelf — less than a foot away from the flames. Better drink it quickly, because it’s not going to be cold very long, right? But how much time until it’s warm?  

Since we help our clients address many concerns in the area of thermal design, our engineering team found this study hit close to home for this holiday weekend.  Our friends from SolidWorks are the creative force behind it and we reference it every year.  We haven’t forgotten about keeping your equipment clean, dry and running at peak performance but thought we would pass along another fun application. 

Happy Independence Day to all of our customers, industry colleagues and friends. Watch the video below to learn more.


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