Small Air Filters Solve Big Challenges



Due to space limitations and installation constraints, it can be challenge to integrate air filters into enclosure designs.  Custom solutions from Universal Air Filter Company allow for small, thin, low-profile filter designs that conform to equipment needs when larger, standard-size filters do not meet system requirements.  UAF has a number of unique solutions that allow designers to configure a filter to meet the needs of a unique application:

  • Aluminum-framed filters are available in a thickness down to 0.23” as part of the standard Quadrafoam product line
  • Ultra-thin 1/8” thick aluminum framed-filter solutions with cleanable foam media are available as part of the Windowpane product line
  • Flexible plastic frame technology allow for Flex-Frame filters to be bent and twisted during installation
  • Edge-to-Edge media solutions with rigid frame support allow for maximum airflow without air inhibiting frame structure as part of the Windowpane line

UAF engineering has a wealth of experience in solving the unique challenges involved with integrating filters into different types of equipment.  Contact UAF for free design assistance and made-to-spec prototype filters to help keep your equipment clean, cool, and compliant.

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