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Improve Network Uptime with a Free Site Survey

DSC_0595A site survey is the first step in a good air filter maintenance program.  A qualified, networking equipment air filter specialist will take a detailed inventory of your equipment and provide the exact cross reference between the equipment and the OEM specified, approved source of supply air filter.  This survey document also serves as a detailed list of all equipment in your facility and only requires updating when equipment changes.

 One of the biggest hurdles in a good preventive maintenance program is locating the air filters.  The network equipment air filter specialist can tour the facility with an onsite technician to show where the filters are installed and how to replace them.

 Dirty air filters cause equipment to use more power and risk overheating.  Air filter maintenance for this extremely valuable equipment is critical.  It helps ensure optimum operating efficiency, by keeping equipment clean and cool, so energy consumption is minimized.  It protects the investment in equipment, which is the backbone of any telecommunications service provider.


Main reasons for a free site survey and proactive Air Filter Maintenance Program

  1. Documented list of equipment and air filter cross reference list.
  2. Survey document remains onsite for all existing and new technicians.
  3. Organized and easy system for recording and planning routine maintenance.
  4. dirty&cleanTechnicians know how to locate and replace filters to reduce equipment alarms.
  5. Reduce risk of operating failures and keep equipment operating clean and cool.
  6. Filter quotes allow for more accurate maintenance budget planning.
  7. Clean equipment operates cooler and more efficient, and helps reduce air conditioning costs.
  8. Increase uptime with more efficiency and extend equipment operating life.
  9. Compliance with NEBS fire safety standards and OEM warranty and maintenance guidelines.
  10. Protect investment in your network by increasing uptime and reducing service interruptions.


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