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3D CAD PARTsolutions

Congratulations to CADENAS PARTsolutions for being selected by Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) to develop National Aerospace Standards (NAS) in 3D digital format.

Filtering The Options

Nov 19, 2013 — Air filter customization involves a number of variables for medical device designers to consider. From materials to size to standards compliance, the options available can enable a designer to customize a filter that will be perfectly suited for his specific application. This article reviews the details that need to be examined prior to deciding on the final air filter product.


Filter accessories such as tabs, flanges and handels help improve ease of installation or removal.

Selecting the proper air filter for medical applications is an important aspect of the design process. Due to the recent trend of decreasing medical equipment size, it is now more important than ever for design engineers to examine certain details in the beginning of the design process in order to avoid a costly, time-consuming mistake. Besides enclosure size, thermal management and flame safety are crucial components that can sometimes be overlooked during a fast-tracked product design phase.

In response to the shrinking size of medical equipment, innovative air filter solutions such as low profile and edge-to-edge air filter configurations have surfaced. Low profile air filters are ideal for medical equipment because they can be specified in thicknesses less than a quarter of an inch, which is significantly thinner than standard air filters. Edge-to-edge filters allow clean, cooler air to reach printed circuit cards located along the interior walls of the chassis by framing filters with less intrusive channel housings. Low profile and edge-to-edge lines comply with UL 60950 and other medical standards established for electronics equipment and are also CE compliant. They also meet UL 94 HF-1 flammability resistance requirements. When used as part of a fire enclosure, they may be configured to comply with the flame-drip requirements described in UL 60950 and EN 60950.

Other effects of more compact medical equipment are smaller chassis and more powerful heat producing components, resulting in a need for proper thermal management. Thermal analysis software lets users predict pressure drop through air filter elements quickly and accurately. Engineers can improve design efficiency by using thermal software packages at the beginning of the product development process. This will help factor in the effect an air filter will have on overall system pressure drop and reduce design time and cost.

3D CAD allows design engineers to configure custom air filters and visualize them from all angles before downloading models into their final designs.

Certain media, such as polyester air filters, offer high dust arrestance and low resistance when installed in medical equipment where disposable filters are most appropriate. They are available in framed filter assemblies or cut-to-size filter pads. Polyester media is a non-woven, non-migrating, synthetic material with ASHRAE dust arrestance to 90%. Advanced technology manufacturing equipment is used to produce a media of high quality, uniformity, and excellent filtering performance. Polyester media is flame retardant and listed UL 94 HF-1 and UL 900 Class 2.

Quadrafoam air filters, which offer high dust arrestance and low resistance, are best where permanent, cleanable filters are most appropriate. Quadrafoam is an open-cell polyurethane foam specially coated to provide improved fire retardation and fungi resistance. It features deep loading, large dust holding capacity and low air resistance for use in extremely wide climatic conditions.

Quadrafoam is also used as the filtering media in dual honeycomb air filters, which provide superior shielding against electromagnetic interference. The filter performs three distinct functions: EMI/RFI shielding with positive grounding, air straightening for maximum cooling efficiency, and high dust arrestance with low pressure drop. These filters reduce EMI/RFI noise with the addition of EMI shielding aluminum honeycomb. Stainless steel mesh may also be included and bonded to the aluminum filter frame with a conductive silver/copper adhesive caulk. In addition, an EMI shielding gasket is installed around the frame perimeter to ensure full conductivity of the frame to the equipment. Moreover, the honeycomb structure provides “cells” that are designed to reflect and absorb EMI noise. The honeycomb pattern maintains minimal airflow impedance, and provides a “straightening” effect for even air distribution.

Polyester air filters, available in framed filter assemblies or cut-to-size filter pads, are ideal for medical equipment where disposable filters are most appropriate.

Another important and beneficial design tool consideration when evaluating and selecting air filter manufacturers is 3D CAD capabilities. It is especially important early in the design phase as it allows for fit checks and speeds up the design cycle. Previously, engineers had to recreate 3D air filter models from scratch, but with 3D CAD, engineers can configure custom air filters and visualize them from all angles before downloading models into their final designs. This process also creates an extremely accurate fit and tolerance stack-up evaluation for the air filters.

Even filter accessories can be a great help in cutting down on cost and time. Features such as tabs, handles, and gaskets make for a better fit and improve the ease of filter installation or removal. Spring clips provide positive grounding of air filters to electronics chassis for more effective EMI shielding while simultaneously helping to reduce vibration and chatter, and special installation requirements. Precision-fabricated custom flanges and handles can be used for alignment with equipment mounting provisions, or to ease installation and removal.

Low profile, flexible frames would be a great alternative for the designer seeking non-conductive, contour-capable frames for small medical devices and bezels.

For permanent, cleanable filter needs, quadrafoam air filters are a good solution.

Selecting the right air filter for medical electronics cooling applications is an important task that can be frustrating if proper attention isn’t given at the beginning of the design process. Consulting an air filter expert can save the designer time and money by addressing issues before potential hurdles and inefficiencies are locked in. Air filter specialists also are able to provide applications expertise and proven solutions to issues that have previously surfaced in medical equipment thermal management design.

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UAF is at Telcordia NEBS Conference and Workshop – October 29-30, 2013

The 2013 NEBS Conference and Workshop on October 29-30, 2013 in Piscataway, NJ. In the tradition of the Verizon NEBS Conference, the 2013 NEBS Conference and Workshop will focus on NEBS Requirements including GR-63, NEBS Requirements: Physical Protection, and GR-1089, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electical Safety, and will include short technical presentations on a wide range of NEBS topics and other recently upated or new Generic Requirements. Anticipated speakers from AT&T, Verizon, and invited manufacturers will help to create a rounded perspective on relevant
NEBS issues. A concerted effort will be made to keep the discussions highly focused on current NEBS technical issues and challenges that are relevant to both manufacturer and service provider stakeholders.

(Click here for Telcordia NEBS Conference 2013 official page)

Universal Air Filter Upgrades to PARTsolutions for Online 3D Technology

Oct 19, 2013 — CADENAS PARTsolutions, LLC, a global provider of 3D eCatalog and CAD download technology; andUniversal Air Filter (UAF), a leading manufacturer of high-quality custom air fi lters as well as EMI vents and screens, announce the launch of UAF’s online 3D CAD confi guration modeling tool. UAF replaced their previous online configurator with the most advanced 3D CAD and online product design technology available, powered by PARTsolutions. With their new configuration platform and 3D PDF data sheets, UAF is able to improve the customer experience and better meet the needs of their customers by providing them with the latest tools and technology.

UAF’s new digital 3D CAD modeling tool gives design engineers the ability to quickly access and configure the exact product they need, preview it in 3D and instantly download the CAD model in more than 150 native and neutral formats. Having access to this high-quality product data and CAD models signifi cantly shortens design time. Rich visualization and real-time configuration capabilities improves the total customer experience. The new technology makes it much easier for engineers to “design in” UAF’s parts directly into their products. 

“One of the key reasons we chose PARTsolutions is that their core competency is online 3D catalogs, configuration and CAD modeling,” says Dan Krupp, Director of Sales & Engineering, Universal Air Filter. “Other solutions in the space are just add-ons or throw-ins and it’s not the core business of those providers. PARTsolutions is fully committed to online catalog and CAD technology and services. They’ve built their business on their expertise and leadership in this area. This is what they do and we want to work with the best in the business.” Another key factor in UAF’s decision to switch providers was the fact that PARTsolutions is the only solution on the market that enables output of CAD models in native formats, not just neutral or STEP formats. 

“This enables us to best serve all of our customers, no matter what CAD system they are using. Being able to deliver high quality product models to any engineer using any system around the world is a big advantage for us –
and our customers,” says Krupp. Other PARTsolutions features that appealed to UAF included the ability to deliver 3D PDF data sheets on the fly and universal browser compatibility. 

PARTsolutions President Rob Zesch is accustomed to helping customers make the jump to more advanced online configuration platforms.  “It’s refreshing to work with companies like UAF, because they get it. They’re committed to providing the most advanced technologies and delivering the best experience and value to their customers,” said Rob Zesch, President, PARTsolutions. and pick up new business too. We’re happy to partner with UAF and are excited to see their growth.”

To use the UAF digital 3D configurator, visit

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Google, Cisco and HP Approve UAF Filtration Solutions and Technologies

Universal Air Filter (UAF) partners with industry leaders like Cisco, Juniper, Oracle/Sun, IBM and HP to design air filter solutions and technologies for server, switching, routing and storage electronics.  Google is the latest addition to UAF’s growing list of data center equipment development customers. (View the Data Center Air Filters Page)

Recyclable Air Filters

UAF air filter products are now certified to meet recyclable materials requirements of the NEBS networking standard.  Standards development organization Telcordia Technologies has evaluated UAF equipment fan filters and certified full conformance with the recyclable materials objective O4-27 of the GR-63 standard.  UAF products are Telcordia certified recyclable through June 2016.

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UAF adds YouTube Channel

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Google, Cisco and HP Approve UAF

Sept 10, 2013 — Universal Air Filter (UAF) partners with industry leaders like Cisco, Juniper, Oracle/Sun, IBM and HP to design air filter solutions and technologies for server, switching, routing and storage electronics.  Google is the latest addition to UAF’s of data center equipment development customers.

Universal Air Filter offers Wind Turbine Air Filters to protect from dust, wind driven sand, rain, and salt fog

Aug 28, 2013 — Custom wind-turbine air filters are the answer for power generation engineers looking to prevent energy production loss due to harsh environments. Wind-turbine filters provide superior water and airborne contaminant protection in compliance with stringent industry standards including NEMA and IP enclosure codes. UAF filters replace OEM supplied products for improved contamination control, durability and serviceability. UAF filters work well in base enclosures as well as power transformation, communications, and other interior turbine equipment.

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