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    UAF to give a Webinar with Solar Power World

    Solar power equipment and infrastructure experiences unique challenges in the areas of overheating, dust contamination, and EMI shielding. Compliance with industry standards and environmental regulations must also be considered when evaluating air filtration solutions. So how can operators, maintenance, and equipment designers keep solar energy systems clean, cool and compliant? Green power producers need toRead More »

  • Windpower-2014

    AWEA Windpower 2014

    Transformation In Motion Wind power is rapidly emerging as a key player in the new energy dynamic, and WINDPOWER 2014 puts you at the center of it all. Professionals from all over the world come here to network, learn and advance their organizational missions. Collaborate with colleagues and peers—innovators, thought leaders and policy makers—as youRead More »

  • semi-therm

    SEMI-THERM 2014

    Thermal management is a critical consideration in the design and manufacture of consumer products, lighting, computers, telecommunications, military and medical devices. As more video, graphics, and communication functions are being incorporated into these products, thermal effects have greater impact. The symposium’s focus on thermal systems and associated hardware, software and services is unique.    Read More »

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    Gross causes of PCB failures

    The environment during the assembly process should be controlled for heat, humidity, and cleanliness.  Depending on the product, a controlled clean room must be used to ensure cleanliness.  For standard fine-pitch assembly and for consumer or non-critical business use, more standard conditions can be used.  However, the cleanliness should exclude large contamination.  Some dust mightRead More »

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    New Fan Delivers High Static Pressure and Energy Reduction

    By : Electronics Cooling Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd. has introduced the new San Ace 92 DC fan to its DC fan lineup. Measuring 92 × 92 × 38 mm, the new fan delivers the industry’s highest static pressure and energy reduction.  Read more.

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